Team Emma Movies


Run Time: 20min 45sec
This is a custom video I made for a fan with panty fetish. It starts with me teasing you with my hot yoga pants on. I take them off revealing a sexy black thong. I rub my pussy through the panty and then take it off trying on several more pairs.  I touch myself in each pair talking dirty to you the whole time. Finally I invite a hard cock to join me for a handjob, pantyjob a bj with a cumshot finish on my tongue… and I swallow it(: 

Huge Facial

Length – 14:38 | Featuring: Emma, Eddie | Type: Dirty Talk/ Big Cumshot

It was still our first couple of weeks in our Budapest Airbnb and Eddie noticed my skin was nice and pale because I hadn’t had a spray tan in a while. He thought it would be super hot to fuck me as a pale schoolgirl since last time I was really tan so this is sort of a sequel to the Schoolgirl movie. I felt really slutty sucking his hard, wet cock and loved telling him about it which made him even harder! I asked him to fuck my face and begged for his cum.

Twerk 2

Run Time: 31min 07sec

I twerk it in slow motion and with baby oil! The full story is this: A few years ago Pornhub did a contest to see who could get the best twerking porn video. I submitted my first ever twerk video (which was hard for me being a white girl with little to no rump shaking skills). That twerk video garnered over 5 million views! After endless requests for a sequel I finally made TWERK 2!