My first month in Europe!

Split, Croatia

I was so excited to come to Croatia. First of all I couldn’t wait to see my soulmate that I’ve spent 3 months apart from and second, I have never lived on a coastline before and its always been a dream of mine to live by a beach! Europe was about to be a whole new life experience for me and I couldn’t wait to see what Croatia had in store for me.

Before flying over I spent some time googling Split, Croatia and reading things about the city. I learned it was a very touristy area and the 2nd largest city in Croatia! The city it’s self has a great 1700 year old history. tumblr_nfuypvk5WP1r7cjhjo1_1280Much of the walls and roadways are made out of stone, and there are many old fortresses around still like Diocleatians Palace. With all the super old castle walls and stone streets its actually the ideal place to film my favorite show, Game of Thrones!

I couldn’t wait to start our new life in a city with beautiful Venetian architecture, beautiful beaches, and relaxing oceanside living. The flight over to Europe was so long, thankfully I slept through the entire thing. Once I arrived in London, I met Eddie who arrived slightly before me in our London hotel room. We had the best reunion party, got shmammered, had dinner, and fucked the night away(:

The next morning it was time to fly to Split. We gathered our things and hopped on a taxi over to the airport! When we landed in Croatia it was very foggy, we got to our hotel room right around 4pm and got to watch the beautiful sunset over the Adriatic together and before we knew it, night time was here. The first day I learned the sun sets really early in Croatia this time of year right around 4:30pm!


Eddie and I loved the hotel we called home for 7 nights. We were one of the few guests staying at the hotel during the winter season. We had the whole place to ourselves almost and we would run down the hallways, get our shoesemmabuttsea shined by the machine and have hallway ice fights. We spent most of our time in our room relaxing and looking for a new home to rent online. Our nights consisted of delivery Croatian food, where I had my first experience teaching the delivery boy how to use a card reader lol. When it wasn’t too windy outside we went on walks down the coastline and explored Split. We discovered an entire street packed with stray cats and what is now one of our favorite restaurants. Eddie and I loved our first week in Croatia just relaxing and getting to know the new country we’d be living in for the next year!

Our new home!

When we were at our hotel I stumbled upon this listing online and immediately contact the real estate agency. Within 20 minutes my phone rang and it was the realtor telling me he had just what I was looking for. I got so excited and I couldn’t wIMG_3480ait to see what he had lined up for us!  He took us down the street and showed us this beautiful newly renovated apartment. Eddie and I loved what we saw. We immediately fell in love with the unit and decided this would be our new home.IMG_4311

We moved in on a Saturday, when our neighbors were having a huge backyard wedding reception next door! I couldn’t wait until I was all moved in and I could relax and enjoy our new home. I finally finished unpacking and moving in around 2am that night, I passed out right next to Eddie in our new bed for the first time! We got to know our home over the next few days. We discovered many cool things like robes, a hidden underground room, and huge sliding window doors! Then we made it ours by fucking everywhere😉

Coastal Living

We fell in love with coastal life immediately. Croatia has over 1000 little islands and getting to them is as easy as boardingtumblr_nfekkloHRX1r7cjhjo1_1280 the Jadrolinija which is the local ferry(: The ferries are awesome and have bars with wine, coffee, liquor, and snacks that make a boat ride more enjoyable. The scenic views are mind blowing. You get to see all the little islands and sometimes even ocean life. Seagulls that perch on the ferry are my favorite. The street right next to where the ferries board is called the Riva. It contains many shops with everything you need from clothes to home decor and fresh fish. Living on the coast we have the privilege of fresh caught fish and the best seafood I’ve ever had in my life, and we all know I love seafood(:

tumblr_nes3j7GMic1r7cjhjo1_1280I can’t wait until summer though. Croatia is a tourist hot spot during the summer season and I can see why. It is beautiful here. It’s like a little european paradise! It has many world heritage sites and the prettiest crystal clear beaches with amazing food and an awesome nightlife.

I do miss home a lot but for now we’re both busy enjoying the novelty of a brand new land and culture(: And I can’t wait to travel Europe in the summer! This place is very different from the sunchine-cactusland I’m used to but I’m hoping to find new models soon and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you all! 2015 will be awesome and I’ll be working my butt off to make Team Emma better than ever!(:





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