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Red Lace Dress

Saco de Arpillera is the story of Immaculada and her lover, a street racer and former bank robber in a desperate situation. It was a dark and cloudy day. The wind blew a warm breeze through the tree branches while Immaculada waited patiently overlooking the busy street below. She waited on the terrace for signs of her lover, Eduardo. Her tea got colder as the hands on his watch ticked by. She could see cars going up and down the quaint street but none were Eduardo. Until one came speeding in and a man wearing all black hopped out with a burlap sack in hand. It was him! He had finally made it home. When he ran through the doors Immaculada greeted him and jumped on him. They kissed passionately and held each other tightly.

Bank Heist

Eduardo took Immaculada to the living room and presented her with their ticket to freedom. She opened it and was relieved and overjoyed to see the cash inside. Eduardo’s bank heist had been successful and now the two of them had enough money to run away and start their new lives together.

Passionate kissing soon lead to more as the two caressed each other excitedly. Immaculada and Eduardo made sweet love while the sun set behind them. After riding Eduardos hard cock Immaculada laid back and had him fuck her slow and hard at first and then faster and faster until he blew his load. She felt so dirty with stolen cash all around her and stinky spunk covering her face.

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Real Couple Roleplay

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