Tied up with rope

“All Tied Up” is a Role Play movie I made for my lovely Team Emma members after a fan suggested the concept to me during a live show(:

tied up

The burglar and the housewife

Let me tell you the story of a lonely housewife and forceful burglar that left a big, sticky mess all over her freshly fucked pussy…

I was sitting in the living room reading a book one peaceful afternoon. To be honest, I was half reading and half fantasizing about cock. As a horny housewife I spent most of my time thinking about sex. I was trying to concentrate on the words on the page when I heard my glass door sliding open. I looked over and saw, to my complete shock, a man wearing a black ski mask breaking into my home!

tied up 2


At first I thought this man, dressed in all black, breaking into my home, was a burglar. But I quickly noticed he didn’t bring a bag or anything to put my belongings in. All he had on his person was a long piece of white rope. He had come for ME not my things! The intruder wrestled me to the floor and used his rope to hogtie me. I tried to fight him off but he was too strong. He easily overpowered me and tied my hands and feet together behind my back. Then he picked me up and carried me to my room where I was thrown violently onto the bed. This all happened so fast I barely had time to register what was going on.

tied up with rope on bed

Spanked, duct taped and face fucked

I was left in my bedroom with the door closed. I was squirming and trying to free myself from the rope. When I started to yell for help the intruder came in the room, took off his belt and whipped my ass with it! He then found some duct tape and used it to cover my mouth. He commanded me to “shut the fuck up!”. At this point I was shocked to feel completely turned on by the situation. The helpless feeling of being tied up coupled with being dominated and spanked made my pussy tingle! I think he could tell I was getting horny because when he came back again I got my first taste of his dick. He peeled back the duct tape from my mouth, pulled out his hard cock and started fucking my face and telling me to shut my fucking mouth. At this point my pussy was craving to be fucked and dominated!

tied up 4

Sexually dominated by a stranger

After pulling down my white shorts and squeezing my ass, he left me in the room alone again. I was writhing around feeling the constriction of the rope against my wrists and ankles. When he came back in he lowered the blinds in my bedroom and I could feel the tension building. Who knows what sinister thoughts were running through this mans head. At this point he pulled down my panties. I pleaded for mercy but this only made him want to fuck my mouth some more to shut me up.

I knew he was going to have his way with me and the anticipation had made my pussy soaking wet. When he finally fucked me he really used me how he wanted to. Being tied up made me feel utterly helpless and having a stranger control me and use me as his sex doll was so invigorating!

After pummeling my pussy he pulled his cock out and shot his gooey load all over my ass, pussy and panties.

All Tied Up (Trailer)

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Hope you guys enjoy watching “All Tied Up” as much as I did making it(: Members of Team Emma can watch the full movie here.

Members Gallery

I have an extensive photoset to compliment this movie. Members can view those here.

tied up 5 members gallery

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