Trip to the Library – FULL MOVIE

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Trip to the Library

I felt like a reading over the weekend. I decided I would go to the library and find a good book on social media marketing. After a nice scenic drive Eddie and I finally arrived at the library. After searching down the aisle I finally found my book and helped myself at the self check out. On the way back home I started to get horny so I rubbed Eddies dick until it grew and then I started sucking it on the road. Eddie got so horny he had to pull over and fuck my slutty face until I gagged all over his thick cock. Then he put it back down my throat and I sucked it and swallowed it all the way down to the base and then back up again. I sucked him off until he shot hot cum all over my face. His jizz flew so far it even got on our car in the background!